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But let us look a moment at certain of his symbols in the Arena at Padua, at the “Inconstancy,” the “Injustice,” the “Avarice,” for instance. “What are the significant traits,” he seems to have asked himself in the appearance

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A painter who generations of mere manufacturers of symbols, illustrations, and allegories had the power to render the material significance of the objects in profound sense of the significant.


A weaker man like Paolo Uccello almost entirely sacrificed artistic significance, he may have started display his skill and knowledge as interest of prize exhibitions at local art schools


At the risk of seeming to wander off into the boundless domain of æsthetics, we must stop at this point for a moment to make sure that we are of one mind regarding the meaning of the phrase

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Painting between Giotto and Masaccio existed in vain—on the contrary, considerable progress was made in the direction of landscape, perspective and facial expression is true that, excepting the works masterpiece produced.


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These two, one coming in the middle of the period we have been dwelling upon, and the other just at its close


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Orcagna is difficult to speak as only a single fairly intact painting remains the altar-piece in Maria Novella.


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He reveals himself as a man of considerable endowment as in Giotto with tactile values material significance

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We are happily for better situated toward Fra Angelico, enough works have come down to us to reveal his quality as an artist and his character. Perfect certainty of purpose utter devotion to his task.


We disappointed in Orcagna’s sculptured tabernacle, material and spiritual significance is much lower


It is true that Giotto’s profound feeling for either the materially or the spiritually was denied.



Like all supreme artists, Giotto had no inclination to concern himself with his attitude


When he was obliged to portray it, his imagination failed him and he became a mere child

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At frist communicate a sense with pleasantness of nature. The freshness and spring-time gaiety of his gardens in the frescoes of the Annunciation and Noli me tangere at San Marco!

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Giotto born again, starting where death had cut short his advance, instantly making his own all that had been gained during his absence, and profiting by the new demands—imagine such an avatar

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The medival skies had been torn asunder and a new heaven and a new earth had appeared

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Masaccio would themselves have been sole determining personalities in their art, were Fra Angelico, Paolo Uccello, and Andrea del Castagno, Domenico Veneziano and Fra Filippo


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As these were the men who for a whole generation after Masaccio’s death remained at the head of their craft, forming the taste of the public, and communicating their habits and aspirations to their pupils

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Fra Angelico already as the painter who devoted his life to picturing the departing mediæval vision of a heaven upon earth as from the purpose of Uccello and Castagno

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Different as these two were from each other, they have this much in common, that in their works which remain to us, dating, it is true, from their years of maturity, there is no touch of mediæval sentiment

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Artists belonged entirely to new era and stand at beginning of Renaissance as two tendencies which were to prevail in Florence throughout the whole of the fifteenth century, partly supplementing

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Uccello had a sense of tactile values and a feeling for colour, but in so far as he used these gifts at all, it was to illustrate scientific problems mere occasion for solving problem

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Accordingly he composed pictures in which he contrived to get as many lines as possible leading the eye inward. Prostrate horses, dead or dying cavaliers, broken lances, ploughed fields

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Noahs are used scarcely an attempt at disguise to serve his scheme of mathematically converging lines. In his zeal he forgot local colour he loved to paint his horses green or pink